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The Regional Owner

MeOut Group has been working on building bridges between communities and countries mainly focusing on solutions that pave the way for progress. They connect the dots locally and globally in the fields of education, innovation and entrepreneurship by facilitating mutually beneficial multisectoral global collaborations.


You have a great idea? We have a great platform to show it!

Connecting, empowering and creating opportunities. These are the principles on which EuroAsian Startup Awards (EASA) is built. Covering nine countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russian Federation, Turkey, Ukraine and Uzbekistan -, EASAwards aims to find local industry game-changers, connect them to the global ecosystem and creates them opportunity to make their first steps towards international expansion. During this journey, startups can rely on a global network of experts, corporates, media and investors that are ready to help them along the way.

Our vision is simple. We want local innovative ideas to be validated on a global level, facilitate mutually beneficial cooperation among the global ecosystem stakeholders and put a greater emphasis on a region that is full of talent and undiscovered business opportunities.

How we do it?

EASA is part of the world’s largest no-pitch, no-conference startup competition, Global Startup Awards with partners like Google and Microsoft and with globally recognized industry experts and investors. Participating in the EASA competition as a startup, jury member, ambassador or advisor means that you are part of a global network that provides opportunity to grow your network, find talent and make the next steps toward global success.

Region of Opportunities and Talent

EASAwards covers a region that has huge potential, but has not been displayed on global level duly so far. The region links developed and rapidly growing ecosystems with increasing innovative capabilities, unique business culture, entrepreneurial spirit and passionate mentality – the perfect environment for startups today. Thanks to the dynamism of EASA ecosystem, businesses from all around the world can discover unprecedented opportunities in this talented and perspective region.

EASA Regional HQ with its national partners from Moscow to Istanbul brings together this nearly 300 million market and connects it to the global circulation. We are ready to involve local startups and local experts from AI to Big Data to the largest startup competition of the world and find those innovative solutions that will build the digital economy of the 21. century.

We’re also here with all of our expertise and network to help those who aim to find business opportunities in the region and those who – as an official sponsor – share our goals and are committed to empower innovation for social good. EASA’s global embeddedness and recognition can strongly support marketing, PR, CSR objectives of corporates and businesses.

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